Enlarged Heart – Learn About the Underlying Conditions and Common Diagnostic Procedures

An enlarged heart is a very common symptom of  Cardiomegaly ( heart disease )  . In fact, there is a disease state, but, as mentioned above, a symptom. The medical term for enlargement of the heart is the heart. Enlarged heart due to numerous reasons, will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

An enlarged heart can cause infection, hypertension, pulmonary hypertension, cardiac arrhythmia, a condition involving the heart valves, and even stress. Other reasons are not heart-related diseases, can pregnancy, thyroid disease, hemochromatosis, amyloidosis.

Conditions in the heart of the case, the heart will have too much work, resulting in the expansion. The heart is a very powerful muscle pump about 2,000 per day, gallons of blood. Imagine the power, this would require. Now, heart disease can cause the heart to use more energy than usual and needs, so it can pump out blood. These conditions lead to heart disease. You can almost compare to a good bicep exercise.

That in your workout, the more weight higher. As with the heart, more energy is consumed, the heart gets bigger. However, when the biceps bigger, it is considered a good thing. Her heart is not the case. There are many complications that can result from untreated heart. Based on the symptoms, not accurate it can be concluded that if the patient is actually suffering from heart or not. The symptoms are nonspecific, and any other condition can be caused. The best way to end, if it is truly the center receives a number of diagnostic procedures.

Here are some of the patients with suspected heart of the most common procedures:

• Chest X – ray

In this process, clearly define the contours of the heart. The doctors there are specific ways to measure the size of your heart, depending on their age, sex, height and weight. For a rough estimate can be compared, if the size of your fist.


This test records the heart’s electrical activity. Physicians will be able to identify a specific problem based on the QRS complex or the ECG trace.

• Echocardiography

This compares with an ultrasound of the heart, is considered the most accurate way to diagnose heart. In echocardiography, the doctor will be able to see the heart as a whole, is four cameras, different valves, the pumping action. You can even determine if you have ever suffered a previous heart attack.

Complications can arise from an enlarged heart is, heart failure, blood clots, heart failure and even death. Again, the heart is not a disease but a symptom. With the diagnosis heart mean you have to deal with in order to prevent complications of underlying conditions. Under the conditions of the heart valves, you may need heart valve surgery to correct it. In the case of high blood pressure, medications to maintain blood pressure control.

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Heart Failure – Its Pathophysiology

An adult heart beat per minute is 70 times the average, giving the blood circulation of about 4.9 liters per minute. The heart rate and cardiac output, helps maintain normal blood circulation and continuously.

Any of the pathophysiology of this disorder in the process, resulting in increased heart rate, cardiomegaly output was maintained at a rate sufficient to meet the needs of the body. Heart compensation mechanism is triggered. Such compensatory mechanisms, including expansion or hypertrophy (increase) This is called the heart.

This process of expansion of the internal cavity, which range from attack, thereby increasing its contraction, the subsequent stroke volume and increase cardiac output.

If this process to reduce the duration of the force of myocardial contraction, which can provide sufficient long-term cardiac output was also reduced. This leads to the accumulation of left ventricular and left atrial blood.

This led to the creation of blood to the lungs, causing pulmonary congestion and “reduced lung capacity (via the pulmonary veins). Extravasation of fluid in the lungs into the alveolar space, leading to deterioration of the trade cycle gas or invalid.

Collection of blood that leads to sodium retention and fluid and subsequent organ congestion. Body pedal edema in the list of congestion, inflammation of the jugular vein, ascites, hepatomegaly (causes pain in the upper right quadrant), and jaundice.

Circulation inefficient, oxygenated blood from flowing backward into the lungs causing pulmonary congestion. This leads to pulmonary congestion orthopnea, shortness of breath, coughing also occurred in the lungs trying to get rid of excess secretion, irritation of the lungs. Reducing the supply of blood and oxygen to vital organs (brain, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, lung, heart, muscle, etc) lead to mental confusion, difficulty breathing, anorexia, pulmonary rales, rapid and irregular pulse, oliguria, etc.

Congestion in the lungs caused by pulmonary vascular resistance. We also built right atrial blood, and gradually the right side also failed. It is the Chamber of Commerce and the posterior superior vena cava blood stagnation of blood. This makes the whole body venous congestion, leading to increased central venous pressure and jugular venous distension. Extravasation of intravenous fluids on the results of the gap as a separate occurrence of edema and ascites.

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The Most Common HGH Effects on Men

Recently, a study to determine the effects of male hormone. Synthetic human growth hormone or growth hormone is now widely used athletes, muscle builders and older men, because their muscles and bones of the wonderful results. Some even claimed that the delay in growth hormone aging. It’s like a fountain of youth, delay or stop the formation of wrinkles, gray hair and hair loss. Human growth hormone is naturally produced our own body, especially the anterior pituitary. The production of this hormone naturally high in childhood and adolescence as the body is one of the bones to strengthen muscles and extend their growth stage.

HGH is a hormone essential in our body, but production began to decline in middle age. Because the decrease, many people are looking for ways how to obtain the synthetic growth hormone. However, the synthetic growth hormone can not be obtained easily, since it requires a prescription. In general, the lack of HGH and severe muscle wear on people, such as HIV and AIDS in children prescribed.

Growth hormone for men, including a quick build muscle and increase the percentage of lean body mass. This is most athletes because of synthesis of human growth hormone. It can help build muscles in a shorter period of time.

However, the impact of human growth hormone is not always good and desirable. There are some that might make you think twice before deciding to take some of these hormones. Side effects of growth hormone Gynecomastia known. This is a medical term for male breast enlargement. HGH can also cause impotence. Muscle and joint pain, swelling, also found that the most common side effects, older men who use HGH. The use of HGH can have a negative impact on human health. It has a direct impact on cardiovascular and endocrine systems. One can develop diabetes and heart through the continued use of synthetic human growth hormone.

Acromegaly is a man the negative consequences of HGH. This is a condition in which excessive bone growth, which makes facial features and other parts of the thick body search. Its outstanding performance is generally the chin, large hands and feet. The bad news is that this situation is irreversible. This is usually ill-treatment or excessive use of growth hormone. With acromegaly, can certainly affect a person’s body image and self esteem. Therefore, before deciding to take HGH, please be sure to consult a doctor. The effect of HGH on men in some studies is relatively good.

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What is Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome?

Beckwith – Wiedemann syndrome (BWS) is a congenital overgrowth can affect several body systems. Another rare disease that can be misdiagnosed or abuse, as the syndrome of ignorance. Both the first to admit BWS called Dr J. Bruce Beckwith, a pediatric pathologist in the United States, physicians, Dr. Ho Wiedemann, German geneticist, so the double name of the disease. Each child’s doctor found a similar disease has not yet found any abnormality in what today is the medicine as BWS. Name could you not know what kind of obstacles, so you guessed it, I will.

BWS, excluding the impact of milder cases can be diagnosed at birth is 15 000. There is some evidence, BWS is a genetic trait, although in most cases will be subject to the same disease and the impact of known relatives of an isolated incident. These diseases, the majority of affected children showed that most of these features. The most common is that premature infants, large, macroglossia, liver spots, wrinkles lobe of the ear, abdominal wall defects, Visceromegaly, blood sugar, hemihypertrophy, heart or( cardiomegaly) cardiac structural abnormalities, liver, tumor Wilms.

The child was born prematurely has not been weighed more than expected from a shorter gestation period, usually have height and weight in the 95 percentile. Macroglossia is an enlarged tongue, which may cause difficulty breathing, eating and talking difficult. As the size of the tongue, BWS children have expanded the jaw and the increase in respiratory illnesses, such as excess mucus, bronchitis and Ashma. The treatment of enlarged tongue, do the benefits of growth and after surgery to fix the size of the jaw and tongue. Surgery may be necessary to reduce the size of the tongue. Before the completion of some operations to reduce the tongue, the child is one year old. In some cases, speech therapy may be necessary. BWS familiar with a craniofacial team (therapists surgeon, corrective, and speaking) must review all children BWS. Under normal circumstances, it appears red, but this color gradually fades, the skin of the eyelids and forehead, in the first year of birth. Earlobe creases are often in a small dent in the back of the ear lobe and used to help identify barriers.

Severity of abdominal wall defects may vary, umbilical hernia is less severe and abdominal muscle weakness and separation wrong to give these children the appearance of a protruding abdomen, and may be constipation. The most serious problem is an omphalocele, the intestines and other organs can be inserted into an outer membrane covering. Almost a bag left outside the body organs. If the omphalocele is that surgery will be necessary soon after birth umbilical hernia, and at times may require modification. Documents can also be enlarged abdominal organs, usually the kidneys, liver, spleen, adrenal gland and pancreas.

Hypoglycemia is a condition, diagnosis and treatment if it can cause brain damage and other complications. BWS children shortly after birth, 40% of disease due to low blood sugar. Generally good response, treatment with hydrocortisone, intravenous glucose, and start from 1 to 4 months of age, diet.

Hemihypertrophy is half the body or a limb hyperplasia, while the rest of the body for normal growth, and may need treatment and orthopedic surgery. A relatively rare BWS is an enlarged heart or other heart defects. The disease is a very serious impact on Wilms tumor and hepatoblastoma, two different types of tumors. Wilms tumor is a renal tumor of about 7.5% of children develop BWS. This type of tumor is so aggressive, you should do, abdominal ultrasound every three months to eight years old. Although hepatoblastoma is a risk of liver cancer, the reduction of three years. These are the fourth part of the ultrasound and blood were also found in the neighborhood of alpha-fetoprotein (α-sheep protein) levels of control.

Most children survive infancy, usually healthy and their growth and appearance has become normal. A child with a disability according to their difficulties, which are prepared in the world. After years of doctors, procedures, and the United Nations completed the necessary number of parents to love, these children are not afraid of anything. They want so badly to experience the world, nothing can stop now!

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